danbolig map solution

danbolig is a real estate chain with more than 140 stores across the country.

danbolig has always focused on a strong digital expression, and this is reflected on their website, where a stylish Viamap map solution matches danbolig’s brand.

user-friendly options

At danbolig, you can see the exact location of each property on a map.

Where website visitors could previously only choose to see all content in a given category (e.g. schools), they now have the option to filter by both content and distance to home. This allows the views on the map to be streamlined to the user’s preferences.

More interaction

On danbolig’s map, you can draw the preferred area and view homes for sale within the area. A polygon outline.

Visning af Danbolig kortløsning

Large number of views requires powerful engines

Let’s be clear: In Denmark, we love looking at property websites – and especially at homes for sale. It’s where we satisfy our curiosity, dream of waterfront living and realistically look at homes we can afford. Easter in particular is one of the peak periods for house browsing.

Sleep well!

danbolig has more than 30 million map views per year. That is a lot of views, but not an uncommon size for many of Viamap’s customers. Our job is to make sure our customers can sleep soundly because we guarantee safe, stabilised and monitored operations – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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