Mapit Surveyor - toolbox for the surveyor, engineer & architect

Mapit Surveyor is created in close cooperation with the surveyor company Mølbak, and is targeted at work areas where full access to targeted relevant information is an absolute necessity.

We have put together a unique collection of data that we believe makes a big difference in information retrieval and visualization. Data is categorized in a new and more innovative way to make searching easier.

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Access to all properties in Denmark

Search property data on over 2 million properties

Registration data | Encumbrances | Servitudes

View registration data on over 2 million properties

Intelligent data visualization on maps

Build your own overview by turning on/off the built-in map layers, or mix map layers with your own data via intelligent import function

Load your own datasets and polygons

Smart import feature where multiple formats can be dragged directly into the solution - including GeoJson, Xls and CSV

Oblique photo

See an archive of oblique photos of all properties in Denmark, taken from all corners of the world. New photos approx. every 2 years

POI data - Point of interest

Shopping | Trains | Metro | Light Rail | Hospital | Doctor | School | Daycare

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Fill out the form and try Mapit Surveyor FREE for 30 days

Unlimited access to data on over 2 million properties

Access to a large catalog of map layers selected specifically for the surveyor, architect and engineer

Visualize your company’s own data and merge it with data from public registers in an easy and simple way

Display your data on vector maps or orthophotos/ aerial photos and share the information via a link to internal or external users for free

about MAPIT surveyor

Mapit Surveyor has an incredible range of data/map layers. Here’s an overview of some of them

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Property, Cadastral parcels, BBR, Land registry, Plans, Assessments

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Background map

Choose between vector maps or orthophotos/aerial photos

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Aerial photo

Latest aerial photos of over 2 million properties in Denmark and access to an archive of historical aerial photos.

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historical background maps

Topographic Maps 1980-2001 | Topographic Maps (1953-1976) | Low Ordnance Survey Maps 1901-1971 | High Ordnance Survey Maps 1842-1899 | Prussian Ordnance Survey Maps - 1920

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Preservations (Provst Exner) | Preservation Orders | Preserved Areas - Proposals | Preserved and preservation-worthy Buildings | Preserved Ancient Monuments | Finds database

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Plan data

Municipal plans | Local plans | Landscape directives | Transport corridors | Zone status | Land zone permits | Utilities Impact zones | The finger plan 2019 (urban plan)

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cadastral map

Flader | Polyline | Points

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Roads & Paths

Traffic figures | Road classification | Construction lines and crossings | Superbike lanes

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Climate data and elevation models

Height curves | DTM Shadow map | Hydrological Height Model | Precipitation DHM 2007

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Construction and protection lines

Church building lines | Forest building lines | Coastal proximity zones | Lake protection lines | Water protection lines | Protected Watercourse | Protected Nature Types (§3) | Protected Rock and Soil Dikes |Natura 2000 | Bird Protection Areas | Nature 2000 Habitat Areas | Ramsar Sites | High Nature Value | Action Areas | Nature/Wildlife Reserves

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Addresses and Administrative Boundaries

Regional boundaries | Municipal boundaries | Place names | Road names | Addresses/House numbers | Parishes | School districts | Postal districts | Property ownership

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Rail, Metro, Light rail

Tracks incl. Track number | Switches incl. label | Mile markers incl. label | Catenary masts | Wells | Fixed points incl. label | Fixed markings incl. label

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Energy and transmission networks

Electricity Main Transmission Grid | Gas Main Transmission Grid | Offshore Wind Farms

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Drinking water wells | Borehole protection areas | Areas with drinking water interests | Sensitive catchment areas | Boreholes

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and so much more...

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Which businesses is Mapit Surveyor designed for?

The software is developed in collaboration with the surveyor company Mølbak, and specifically designed to solve the needs of:

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The land surveyor

The surveyor

The engineer

The Architect

Highlighted features in Mapit Surveyor

Tinglysningsdata og ejendomsdata

Map layers – work visually with dMap layers – work visually with data

Mapit Surveyor makes it easy to work with data on a vector map.

Turn on relevant map layers and view one or more properties at the same time.

Property data in a new way

Work multiply with property data. Enter one or more addresses and access data from BBR, Tinglysningen, Planning etc.

Data is presented in a very user-friendly way directly in your browser.

Tinglysningsdata og ejendomsdata
Tinglysningsdata og ejendomsdata

Mix data in an innovative way

With Mapit Surveyor, you can blend your own data with all available map layers, aerial photos and public records.

It makes it easy to visualize projects and frees up significant time in the research phase.

It’s never been easier to do analytics and share the results with stakeholders.

About Mapit surveyor

In close collaboration with Landinspektørfirmaet Mølbak, we have created the Mapit Surveyor platform, which is tailored to solve tasks for data-intensive companies. The platform contains industry-specific data & map layers organized in an innovative and user-friendly way.

Behind the tool is years of experience with public data, map technology and advanced data sources.

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