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Which POI data do you need?

Viamap delivers POI data (points of interest) to a wide range of customers who have a map solution with us. Real estate agents need to show buyers, for example, where the nearest S-train or kindergarten and school are in relation to a listed property. It makes the user experience much better – being able to find relevant nearest points in one place.

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More than 38,000 bus stops

5,600 Danish forests

Almost 200 public baths

3,000 charging stations


When it comes to digitalization, it’s fair to say that Denmark ranks at the top. Some of the POI data included in our directory is retrieved from public registers:

Metro and train stations and bus stops are retrieved from Rejseplanen

Doctors and pharmacies are sourced from sundhed.dk

Supermarkets are collected from smileyordningen.

Some POIs are retrieved manually. These are typically items that do not change geographic location, such as hospitals, airports and public baths.

All collected data is available in our POI API, so you don’t have to assemble and maintain the puzzle yourself.

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Another place we get POI data from is Visitdenmark, which we have partnered with. These are typically points of interest that have a more cultural format, such as amusement parks, churches, parks and monuments. You can see all VisitDenmark POIs here:

POI data
  • Builtheritage

  • Theme parks

  • Parks

  • Churches

  • Monasteries

  • Monuments

  • Naturesites

  • Antient landmarks

  • Great estates

  • Zoos

  • Bathing lakes

Charging station data

With a rapidly growing number of EVs, there is an equally growing need to know where the nearest charging station is located.

We can provide charging station data on all charging stations including fast chargers in Denmark – regardless of the charging operator.

We work with a foreign partner who delivers data.

POI data

Need for other POIs

We can easily incorporate new POIs as the needs of our customers arise. The most important thing is valid POI data that delivers relevant and trustworthy information to the end user.


On our domain hvorlangterder.dk you can view POI data – except for charging station data.

Enter an address of your choice and view the nearest supermarket, train station, etc. Up to 30 nearest POIs are displayed.

You also get simultaneous route, distance and time by car, bike and foot.

About POI database

We deliver API with POI data. We source data from trustworthy and up-to-date sources. Our POI selection can be developed according to customer needs.

See POI data at hvorlangterder.dk