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Styling that matches your website

A styled map that matches the overall look of the website

A map improves the user experience

Less clicks for the user is good style

Transparent and fixed pricing

A map solution can be an increasing cost - but not with us

We are easy to talk to

We provide Danish support and are easy to reach

No commercial use of data

There is no external data on the card solutions we provide to our customers

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Vector map improve the visual user experience

Viamaps Vector maps are used by a wide range of very different companies on their websites. A vector map helps provide the user with informative and relevant information in a geographically visual way, enhancing the overall user experience. As you can see from the name, Vector Map, the map is displayed in what is called vectortiles instead of rastertiles.

Vector tiles are a newer technology that has advantages such as being smaller in size, faster to deliver over the web and quicker to generate. There is also a difference in resolution. If a vector file is resized, the resolution does not change. On a Vector map, this means that you won’t experience the map becoming more and more pixelated (fragmented) as you zoom in.

A vector map helps improve the visual user experience


Open data

The background map is based on data from Open Street Maps and, for Denmark, we have added information from GeoDK (link), which has better information on e.g. buildings.

The maps are 100% free of external data.

API with informations

We use either Mapbox or Maplibre (open source Mapbox viewer) to display the map itself, which is then enriched with data, typically via api. This api retrieves the information to be used on the map. For a real estate agent, this could be an image, some information about the property, etc. to be displayed when clicking on a property shown on the map

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To make styling the map as easy as possible, you can work with the map colors in Maputnik, which allows you to change the color of all the elements included in the map.

A vector map is easier to style than e.g. Google Maps and thereby achieve a style that might match the look and feel of the website better.

POI data | points of interest

In addition to the data you want to display on the map, Viamap provides a range of relevant data to enhance the user experience. For example, a real estate agent may want to show daycare centers near the property. We have a wide range of this data available through our API that our customers can choose to draw on.


Once you've said A...

POI data can be combined with distance and route calculation to get the distance to, for example, the nursery or train station, and how long it actually takes to get there – by car, bike or on foot.

Relevant data


There is no external data on the card solutions we provide to our customers

The customer decides which data to display, so there are no points on the map that are not relevant to your user, such as nearby competitors.

The only data we collect is the number of map calls, which is part of the pricing model.

Your users' behavior in general is between you and your users.

We do not collect or make commercial use of your users' data.

No data tracking


selected features

Viser udsnit af Aarhus havn

Vector map

You get access to vector map that can be styled to your liking and displayed in 3D or hillshade.

overvågning kort

Monitoring and surveillance

We set up automatic monitoring of your map solution and make sure it’s always running smoothly.

viamap support

danish support

All Viamap agreements include 5 support hours as standard, so we make sure you’re up and running.


aerial photo

You can get access to our popular aerial view so you can see it all from above from a vertical angle.

poi kort


Select or post POIs to display on your map. such as supermarkets, forests, libraries or?


show distances

You have the option to display distances, routes and travel times on your map with our distance API.




Our customers are richly represented in various businesses such as: real estate, retail, property management, entertainment, job portals and vacation rentals

100 % map styling

Up-to-date address data

No commercial use of data

No surprises on price

5 benefits in a Viamap map solution


Customized map that matches the look & feel of your website

Transparent and competitive pricing

Support - We help you get started from A-Z

No data collection and commercial use

Your business at the center - without competitors

frequently asked questions

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Our customers choose us for several reasons. Besides experiencing a significant saving compared to e.g. Google Maps, we provide maps with associated data from trusted sources. With our solution, you have full control over what to display on the map and how to display it. For many of our customers, map viewing is crucial, and they choose Viamap because we live up to their trust.

We have a genuine interest in getting you up and running and satisfied with your map solution. That’s why all our contracts include 5 support hours for use during the start-up phase. If you need to develop and implement new features on the map along the way, you can easily purchase additional support hours at a favorable price.

We can help with contact information for the web agencies we know that have experience with implementing and maintaining background maps on websites – contact us HERE

The experience from our customers is:

  • The most possible and correct information on the map can be crucial to a new buyer’s decision.
  • Your customers want a lot of information – and if they can get it all in one place, they’re on the right track.
  • You can track whether customers are using all features on the map. If they do, it works!

Our customers experience that they are paying a much lower price compared to the solution they have previously had with e.g. Google Maps. With us, you pay a fixed, transparent price in relation to number of visitors, which is the same year after year, as long as your visitor numbers remain stable. If your visitor numbers increase, we will contact you for a new appointment.