Need help with your map solution?

100% ready-made map solutions for websites.

Your web agency only needs to insert a few lines of code.

Portal solution

You can maintain the maps yourself with POI, address info and much more.

3D look

We've helped raise newly built properties and apartment buildings in 3D - long before they are built.

Har du en ide

Development assistance

Our experienced map specialists have created countless solutions for visualizing data on maps over the years.  We’re happy to help you get started – or help you reach your goal. How is the process? Whatever idea you have, start by talking to us.  It doesn’t cost anything… We guide you safely to the finish line – and avoid the well-known and time-consuming pitfalls.  


Do you need a customisation of our software?

We have a number of customers who have developed their own personal touch to our software solutions. It can save a lot of time and solve a lot of time-consuming tasks. Therefore, in many cases, it can be a good investment to take the leap.

Among other features, we have made individual customizations for the distribution of high school students, calculation of transportation times, display of vaccination sites and location of buildings on our map that have not yet been built.

Not to mention our solutions Mapit Surveyer made in collaboration with Mølbak and Estate Explorer made in collaboration with Newsec. In both cases, to solve challenges that other platforms can’t.

It all starts with a meeting where you tell us about your requirements. We will then prepare a estimate for you.

And if your idea requires us to find external data to make it work, we’re happy to take on the screening task on your behalf.

Do you need our help to understanding our API?

Want to build your own solution on top of our APIs?

We have many APIs you can plug into:

Vector map API

Address validation / Geotagging


Oblique photos API

Point of interest (POI) API etc.

We use our own APIs when building our software. That’s why we know every corner like the back of our hand.

If you have any questions about our solutions, just get in touch.
We can also offer you a customized Viamap code-camp.

If you have a problem, you may be able to save your project by reaching out to us and buying a few hours of advice.