Mapit visualize - Create targeted visualization directly on a map

Mapit Visualize is a browser-based tool developed by Viamap to make it easier to visualize data on maps.

The user interface is super simple and the software is incredibly easy to work with.

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Easiest data visualization tool on the market

You don't have to be a super user in excel or a PowerBI expert.

Drag & drop your data directly

An advanced import technology "crawl" your data and facilitates the import by using an advanced wizard

Break your visualization into intelligent data layers

One of Mapit's great strengths is working with layered data. Click information on/off and create the overview you need. We have many public data layers you can add to your data: municipalities, regions - in fact, right down to the cadastral level. Contact us if you have special requests

Easy sharing/exporting

Create a link to your report and share it internally on the company intranet, publish it to the company website or send it to board members. The recipient does not need a Mapit Visualize license to open and work with the data.

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Fill out the form and try Mapit Visulize 30 days for free

The easiest data visualization software on the market

Visualize your own data on maps or aerial photos

Break your data into intelligent data layers and get maximum benefit from visualization

Share your work easily – both internally and externally

Data visualization makes a huge difference!

Every year we help many different companies with their data visualization. Vi oplever ofte, at det er tidskrævende for de medarbejdere der arbejder omfattende med rapportering.

We’ve overcome this by creating an intelligent drag and drop engine that “crawl” the data set and guides you to the correct import.

With 1 click, imported data can be merged with public data such as local plans, municipal plans, land registers, soil contamination, etc.

Or find fun and exciting data on e.g.

Only your imagination sets the limits.

Examples from everyday life...

Where do your customers come from?

The example below shows all orders plotted on an interactive map.
Each order has its own popup with order information

Mapit Visualize

How much do your customers spend?

For example, darkest value is highest order value
See your order total across the country

Mapit Visualize

Which are your strong zipcodes?

The map clearly shows zip codes where the company does not sell anything. This info can be given to the marketing people that can customize geographic campaigns/offers

Mapit Visualize

Product sales broken down by geography

Wondering how sales are distributed per product or as a layer cake for the different zipcodes, municipalities, regions or sales districts? We have the solution.

Mapit Visualize

Which businesses use Mapit Visualize?

We have customers in a wide range of industries. Examples include e-commerce, municipalities, traffic planning, consultancies. Data visualization is for every industry! Mapit Visualize makes the process simple and user-friendly.
In most cases, simply drag and drop data into Mapit Visualize


Sales Manager: Visualize your company's sales

Marketing manager: Where are our customers coming from and are we spending the budget correctly?

CEO: Gain easy insight into your company's data Click for example on Top100 custome

Real estate investor: Easily draw your portfolios on a map View properties with high/low business

Real estate agent: Draw all your sold properties onto a map and use it for commissioning.

About Mapit Visualize

Mapit Visualize is a browser-based tool developed by Viamap for targeted visualization of data on maps.
The user interface is super simple and the software is incredibly easy to work with.
Mapit Visualize loads data from CSV, XLS, GeoJson as well as Jpg & Tiff

Mapit Visualize – Easy data visualization
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