show the way with a vector map on your website

With a mapping solution from Viamap, you give your visitors a visual and inviting overview of relevant data. For example, you can show directions to your shops or to attractions in your area. The map is easy to implement and maintain, and you get access to Danish support. With Viamap, you get a strong – and often cheaper – alternative to other solutions on the market (such as Google Maps, HERE and Eniro’s map solutions) without compromising on quality.

Ejendomsdata og tinglysningsdata

smart Styling

Design the map to match your visual identity

100% clean maps

Avoid unnecessary “noise” on your maps.

transparent Pricing

No surprises once the map is up and running

personalized Support

Get access to an experienced professional Danish team

free map generator

Ejendomsdata og tinglysningsdata

Quick Map is our free map generator

Create maps in a few minutes

Download code and implement on website

Viamap does not collect any user data

Viamap oblique photo solution

Access to 1.3 million properties

Option to choose different years

Caching of photos improves speed

Choose between different zoom levels

Ejendomsdata og tinglysningsdata

find store

Viser en STARK butik ved et geografisk punkt

Add the Find Store feature to your site map

Avoid the long list of stores on your website

Guide users to your physical stores

Provide your users with relevant information

No collection and commercial use of user dat

POI database

Boost user experience with points of interest

For example, show nearest metro, train, bus stop

Expand with cultural POIs

Purchase charging station data and show nearest

Laptop med POI

Mapit lookup

Laptop med lookup

Digital tool for all real estate matters

Access data from public registries and advanced data sources

Powerful tool for real estate sales and valuation, construction, investor, lawyer, accountant, etc.

Save time in workflows

mapit visualize

Browser-based tool for visualizing data

Drag and drop your own data onto the ma

Get a quick visual and geographical overview of e.g. sales of a specific product

Includes basic package map layers

Laptop med Visualize

Mapit surveyor

Mapit Surveyor screenshot

Built on Mapit product technology

Customized solution with targeted data layers

A professional visual tool

Specifically designed for surveyors, real estate developers, architects, construction companies and more

estate explorer

Estate Explorer is created in collaboration with Newsec, one of Denmarks leading providers of professional property management and consulting services

Access to advanced search in data on more than 2 million Danish properties

Detailed statistical overview of transactions, rent levels, etc.

Unique tool for working with multiple properties or property portfolios

Powerful fact-based data-driven tool

Laptop med Estate Explorer

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Christmas Markets 2023

Christmas is coming up soon It’s the same every year – the festive season is fast approaching and we’re busy getting our Christmas shopping done.

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Michelin stjerner 2023

Michelin stars

All Denmark represented The Danish restaurants were honored with a total of 43 Michelin stars when the award ceremony took place on June 12, 2023.

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Kort til hjemmeside

Stark map solution

Store Locator Like several other Viamap customers, STARK has a ” Store locator” feature added to their map. When you look up an address and

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