Michelin stars

Michelin stjerner 2023. Billede viser en ret på tallerken

All Denmark represented

The Danish restaurants were honored with a total of 43 Michelin stars when the award ceremony took place on June 12, 2023.

The stars are spread across the country, and Funen is now also represented with a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Unfortunately, there were also a couple of restaurants that lost their stars, Kiin Kiin and Kokkeriet – both located in Copenhagen.

On the map below you can see the star-spangled restaurants. Greenland is not on the map, but don’t miss the link to the Michelin-starred restaurant Koks.

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A green five-leaf clover

Michelin also awards green stars – or five-leaf clovers – to restaurants that excel in sustainability. In 2023, the Danish restaurants are the following:

Bib Gourmand

Since 1955, Michelin has also highlighted restaurants that serve quality food at affordable prices. In addition to the 33 restaurants with Michelin stars, there are 15 Danish Bib Gourmand restaurants. Take a look at Michelin’s guide and see the danish Bib Gourmand restaurants

Michelin guide - an exciting history

There’s a whimsical, exciting and global story behind the creation of the Michelin Guide. It’s certainly not a waste of time to read the fine Michelin story.

Michelin Criteria

The number of Michelin stars are awarded according to the following scale:

1 star: A great restaurant in its category
2 stars: Really great kitchen that’s worth the detour
3 stars: Extraordinary cuisine worth travelling for

And the criteria they are judged on are:

Quality of ingredients
The craft – flavour & cooking
Personality – how well the chef has managed to find their own expression
Value for money
Quality no matter the time – it must be the same experience no matter when the guest eats at the restaurant