Stark map solution

Store Locator

Like several other Viamap customers, STARK has a ” Store locator” feature added to their map. When you look up an address and the desired store appears, a dropdown menu displays the store’s contact details. At the same time, the map pin for that particular store becomes larger than the other pins on the map. You can click on a pin on the map and contact information will also appear in the menu on the left.


It’s pretty clear that STARK wanted their map solution to have the same look and feel as their website in general. And it makes sense for the map solution to appear as integrated as possible, not as a plug-in with a completely different look and feel than the company’s brand. It’s super easy to customise down to the smallest detail in Viamap’s map solution.

A strong story, a strong logo

Did you know that the caveman in the STARK logo is called Anton? It’s also Anton that appears on pins on STARK’s map solution. Read the exciting history of STARK, which goes all the way back to 1896.

You can also watch a video about STARK’s caveman, Anton.

Kort til hjemmeside

Viamap cooperation

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