Smart map solution
for your website

Quick Map is a smart map solution for your website
which you can quickly and easily set up yourself.

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Fill out the form and get instant access to build your new map


Brug Quick Map til at vise en eller flere steder på et kort. You choose which points you want to show, so you get a map without a lot of distractions and without all the competition.


Help current and new customers find your business more easily. This is what a map can do – put your business at the center.


Maybe you outgrow Quick Map – maybe you find that you want a map with even more features to delight and benefit your visitors – then get in touch with us

Quick Map is a free map generator

You can quickly and easily create a map yourself and implement it on your website right away.

Quick Map
Create maps without distractions and competitors on.

quickmap quote
For Shaping Studio, it has been important to present our visitors with a visually consistent website. We achieve this with Viamap’s Quick Map. Here we have quickly and easily designed the map view ourselves and added the information we want to give our visitors.

All in all, a big recommendation to others who are looking into map viewing options on their website!

Camilla Hvass Hansen
Marketing Manager, Shaping Studio

Here's how it works!

You fill out the form and immediately get access to Quick Map, where you can set up your map quickly and easily. QuickMap is free for up to 30,000 views/month and you get access to Danish support.

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Smart DIY solution

We developed Quick Map to give Danish companies the opportunity to implement a map solution on their website – quickly and easily.

Quick Map mapping solution doesn’t focus on everything around you, it focuses on your business.

There’s no geographical interference, so to speak. It’s also a solution where there are no third parties involved, so your and your users’ data doesn’t end up in the hands of others.

Build a Quick Map map in minutes

If it’s a very simple card you need to create – with a single business or two – it takes a couple of minutes to get through the creation process. 

Various points can be refined, and then it takes a little longer – but not much.

You can build all the maps you want

Once you have access to Quick Map, you can create all the maps you need – the only limit is your imagination. You have an account where you name each map. From there, you can navigate through them later if you want to change details such as address or other details.


Everyone gets 30 days of free use of Quick Map, and for most it will stay free. If you have less than 30,000 monthly map views, Quick Map doesn’t cost anything.

If you have more views, it costs a bit:

Up to 30,000 views/month


Up to 49,000 views/month

DKK 199 month

Up to 99.999 views/month

DKK 599 month

Up to 149.999 views/month

DKK 999 month

If you have Google Maps and don’t pay for it today, you won’t pay for Quick Map either.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. If you have over 150,000 monthly map views, Quick Map cannot meet your needs. Get in touch with us,
we’ll help you with your customized map solution.

Create Quick Map maps in a few minutes
See video


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Create and Preview easily
new maps online

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Show one or more
addresses on your map

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Upload multiple address points
In a CSV file

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Show informations about the
individual locations

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Determine size and center
for your map

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Upload your own logo pin

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Get code to insert
at your website

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Smart map at your website
with your business

Visit websites with Quick Map maps

Danish support

We’re never more than an email or phone call away if you need help. And even though we say it only takes a few minutes to create a map, we know that new areas can require a helping hand – we’ve got your back!

A lot of companies and organizations have discovered that Viamap’s digital map solutions are a strong alternative to other well-known map providers.