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Meet Annette

“I’m an A+ person through and through,” Annette begins. “We could easily have had this interview at six o’clock this morning – with the daily

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Ambition kommunikation

Meet Ambition

At Viamap, we cooperate with a number of skilled partners. One of them is the agency Ambition, which in the MyImage analysis 2020 was voted

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Hvor langt er der?

Our maps are more than just maps. A good map shows exactly what you need – without noise. Our solution is a good example

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Meet Richard

Meet our latest and youngest colleague. Richard has been with Viamap for six months and is a software developer from DTU with a primary focus

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Viamap offers custom-made digital map solutions for your website that guide your users and create a strong visual look. You are always welcome to contact us for a demo or answers to any questions you may have.