Viamap reseller - earn money in partnership with us

At Viamap, we have a fundamental strategy of rewarding those who appreciate our software. We do that through our reseller strategy.

If you, as an authorized reseller, broker a sale or make a referral that results in a sale – we will pay you a commission on the ongoing revenue we earn from the joint customer.

We want to be a trusted advisor, so you can safely include us in customer meetings as a resource within our areas of expertise.

Earn a commission on recurring billing to our joint customers

Use Viamap specialists to close customer deals. Together we can make 2+2 equal 5

Recommend our unique analytics software to your customers and earn commissions

As a reseller, there’s no commitment. But we expect you to actively promote our products to your prospects

Contact us to become an authorized reseller


about Viamap reseller

At Viamap, we value our network of resellers. Whether you have a web agency, are a business broker with many portfolio customers or are a software house yourself – we are happy to work with you on the basis that 2+2 = 5

As a reseller, you receive regular information about new products and initiatives and have direct access to a resource that can help you and your customers with the most optimal solution.

You don’t have to bring us a completed order. We are happy to attend pre-sales meetings and help create the best solution for our new joint customer. You earn commission regardless of who closes the customer – as long as you set up the meeting. The rest is managed by our CRM system.