Store Locator solution guide users

With a “Store Locator” solution linked to a website map, you can guide your users and provide them with valuable information

Show store locations

Helps users find the nearest store

Attach valuable information

For example. opening hours, address, tel. no., Trustpilot score, link to store, click & collect, directions, etc.

Get rid of the long list of stores

Choose another solution and get the long store list off your website

Search functionality

Search bar allows users to search for the exact store location they need

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With valuable information, users only have to look in one place – your website!

Select your information. Make your solution as personal as your website

When you guide website users to physical stores, you also help your physical stores

With a good search function, users can always find the right physical store

STARK's map and "Store Locator" solution

STARK dropped the long store list – read more here

See and try their solution here

Kort til hjemmeside
Kort til hjemmeside

Bog&idé og Legekæden - smart solution

Read why Bog&idé og Legekæden selected their solution here

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Normal chose a Viamap solution

See Normals map og “Store Locator” solution here of danish stores

Their solutions in other countries – Look here

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5 benefits of a "Store Locator" solution


Guide users to physical stores

Attach useful and valuable information

Let users be informed by you - that's more time on your website

"Store Locator" solution can be styled to fit your website

Search function helps users find the nearest physical store

About viamap "Store Locator" solution

A “Store Locator” solution connects to the map solution and points your users in the direction of the nearest physical store. The solution can be developed and styled by your own developer or by Viamap.