Denmark’s best ice cream shop 2023

Danmarks bedste ishuse 2023

Ice cream shop, ice cream stand, ice cream kiosk, ice cream café. – regardless of name – the Danes looooove ice cream! With a consumption of 10 litres of ice cream per person per year, we come in at a nice European 3rd place – only surpassed by Finns and Swedes.

Annual award for the best ice cream shop

Opdag Danmark is the founder of the award for Denmark’s best ice cream shops 2023. For the past seven years, they have organised the annual competition, counted the votes and published the award for Denmark’s best ice cream shop. See previous awards and number of votes here .

Amazing ice cream across the country

31 ice cream shops have made the list with over 250 votes, and in fact, most of Denmark’s regions are represented.

See map with all the “winners”

With our free map generator Quick Map, we have mapped the 31 ice cream shops. We’ve done this so you have the cool ice cream parlour overview. But also so you can see how nice and clean a map can appear. Maybe you need a map for your own website?

It’s up to you whether you want to try 1-2-3 or all ice cream shops. Well, if we’re to maintain our European ice cream position with 10 litres of ice cream a year, we’re going to need some ice cream scoops, aren’t we? Enjoy your ice cream.

Congratulations to all winners: Denmark's best ice cream shop 2023