At Jobindex, Viamap’s map solution plays a key role

Jobindex is Denmark’s largest job portal and is aimed at both jobseekers and companies looking to recruit their next employee.

Over 800,000 users visit Jobindex every month. For many, the location of the job needs to be connected to childcare centres, motorways, public transport, etc. That’s why the location of the workplace can be quite decisive in determining whether or not to apply for a job.

At Jobindex, they know this. That’s why they’ve made it easy to see the geographical location on a map, and you can also search for jobs/companies based on geographical terms.

Jobindex soegning 8000
Example of Jobindex display of job adverts in 8000 Århus C


At Jobindex, you can create a Job Agent that can help the user to be notified when a job that matches their criteria is posted.

One of those criteria is distance from home. The user is assisted when entering the home address in an address lookup.

Now Jobindex will be able to show the user how long it takes to travel to the job from their home.

Jobindex rejsetid
Travelling time from home to the workplace on the job advert. The user can see distance and journey time by public transport, bike and car

These journey times that further contribute to the user experience are also provided by Viamap.

In the job agent, the user can also define a desired distance from home that the job agent should take into account when finding relevant jobs.

Jobindex geografisk afstand
The slider is used when the user wants to set a precise distance. Notice! the circle on the map is accompanying

Jobindex apps

Of course, users can also choose to use the job apps that Jobindex has in both the App Store and Google Play. Once again, the map solution is an integral part of the user’s experience and options that can help them find their dream job.

"Jobindex has been a customer of Viamap since 2018 and we are very satisfied with the co-operation.".

Collaboration for 5 years

It’s no coincidence that Jobindex has chosen Viamap as their map supplier.

“Jobindex has been a customer of Viamap since 2018 and we are very satisfied with the collaboration. Viamap has proven to be a secure and stable supplier and the map solution works perfectly.

At the same time, Viamap is both flexible and very helpful when we need support or help with ongoing development. The way the solution is set up, we can manage the development ourselves, but should challenges appear, it’s nice to know that Viamap is able to help.

If you are looking to upgrade your map solution or get a new one, Jobindex can definitely recommend Viamap as a highly stable and reliable supplier with the insight and willingness to help its customers,” says Klaus Skelbæk Madsen, IT Director at Jobindex.

Lead role in commercial film

In one of their latest commercials (from 2022), Jobindex has chosen to give the map solution a central role.

More about Jobindex

Did you know Jobindex started back in 1996? It’s quite solid to be at the top and to have navigated an industry that has changed tremendously over almost 30 years.

Jobindex founder Kaare Danielsen is the story of a visionary young man who travelled to the US and studied the trends long before Denmark was even ready for something as modern as the “internet”.

Read the exciting story of Kaare Danielsen, which involves a chess computer, a growing family, a solid workforce and a search engine called Thor.

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