Charging station data

Increasing number

There is no doubt that charging station data is of great importance to the individual EV driver. Knowing exactly where charging points are available – and how far they are – is crucial for electric drivers.

Looking at the figures up to and including September 2022, the number of electrified vehicles in Denmark is approaching 200,00 With the number of EVs growing significantly, this also means that the number of charging points is increasing, although the increase is not proportional to the growing fleet of EVs and PHEVs.

International partner

In Viamap, we have partnered with a company that has created a strong and close collaboration with the largest charging networks on the market to deliver the most up-to-date data.

Primary data source

The primary data source is, to which there is direct data integration. Hubject is an open e-charging network with more than 1,000 companies connected and an annual addition of 100 companies.

The charging networks connected to Hubject are responsible for the data they provide, but obviously have a vested interest in providing valid data.

This is generally Hubject’s primary role: To ensure that EV drivers can move across the charging networks and get correct information about charging locations.

In addition, our partner also has integration to Allego, the leading European public charging network, and Ionity, which provides charging along motorways in Europe.


Our partner has its own community (crowd sourced data) where drivers can report additions such as charging station locations, they can send photos and they can leave reviews of a charging station.

Quality of data

Our partner relies on the participating networks to provide quality data. Incorrect data from charging networks will be corrected before publication.

Of course, the networks are interested in providing as valid charging station data as possible – not least to have satisfied end users, the EV drivers.

The content provided by community members undergoes even more scrutiny before being published.

Charging station data

Broad-based interest

There’s no doubt that the interest in charging station data is going one way: UP! Once you’ve made the switch from a conventional car to an electric car, the ability to charge is incorporated into every aspect of your life:

  • Your workplace
  • New home
  • Shopping
  • In the cottage – even the rented one
  • Travelling from Zealand to Jutland or vice versa
  • The hotel stay
  • By the amusement park

The list is almost endless. And the more common electric cars become – both in the private and public sector – the more it is perceived as natural that charging points are included.

Two types of data

In Viamap, we can provide charging station data in two different forms:

Raw data

Delivery of raw charging station data, with update frequency to be agreed upon.

POI data

Data provided in an API – displayed on a map for your end users – just like you might know it from other POI data (public transport, supermarket, etc.).