Tour de France on the big screen

When the yellow jersey folk festival kicks off on Friday, a festive atmosphere is set to take place all over Denmark. If you haven’t secured a hotspot in the front row, there are plenty of opportunities to follow the Tour de France on the big screen – also known as a Danish once in a lifetime event.

TV2 Sport has been kind enough to collect Tour de France big screen events from Denmark’s cities, and we’ve mapped them so you can easily find an event near you.

Zoom in using the plus-minus signs and find your city and big screen.

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You can either type in text (e.g. opening hours) or you can insert HTML coded text if you’re a whizz.

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Fun facts about Tour de France

Ovonetwork collected 8 fun facts about the Tour de France in February 2022. We have taken the liberty of translating them into Danish:

Tour de France 1903
Tour de France yngste vinder
Tour de France 1904
Tour de France alkohol
Tour de France cigaretter
Tour de France kalorier
Tour de France antal tilskuere i verden
Tour de France forsyninger
Tour de France på storskærm