Data visualisation on maps

Visualisering af data

Is there a future for visualizing data on maps? We recently asked ChatGPT* about this, and you can see the full answer below – including Danish translation: Yes, there is definitely a future for visualizing data on maps. In fact, mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) are becoming increasingly important in many fields, such as […]

Charging station data

Ladestander data 1

Increasing number There is no doubt that charging station data is of great importance to the individual EV driver. Knowing exactly where charging points are available – and how far they are – is crucial for electric drivers. Looking at the figures up to and including September 2022, the number of electrified vehicles in Denmark […]

Tour de France on the big screen

Tour de France LinkedIn og FB

When the yellow jersey folk festival kicks off on Friday, a festive atmosphere is set to take place all over Denmark. If you haven’t secured a hotspot in the front row, there are plenty of opportunities to follow the Tour de France on the big screen – also known as a Danish once in a […]

10 new POI (Point of Interest) available


New POI from Viamap. Viamap delivers POI to a wide range of our customers who have a map solution with us. These POIs are created as the needs of our customers arise and we can introduce a variety of new POIs based on this. The new POIs have been sourced in collaboration with Visit Denmark […]

With us, you’re not just another customer.

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A customised map solution A Viamap map solution comes in many shapes and sizes. Every day we work to ensure that customers can choose a solution that’s customised for them. “As a new customer, you can either choose one of our product packages or design a solution that matches your needs – of course with […]

Summer opportunities

viamap blog 15

How far is it from the holiday home? ☀️ Summer is upon us, and for many people that means holidays and trips to the Danish summer countryside. Danes are once again spending their summer holidays at home, with many people choosing to rent holiday homes around the country. But what’s the easiest way to get […]