Estate Explorer - transactional data and market insights

In close collaboration with Newsec, Viamap has built the Estate Explorer platform, which offers unique access to property information and transaction data.

Newsec’s transaction database is the largest in the market, providing rent levels across the country based on real transactions.

With Estate Explorer you can also do a “reverse BBR search”, where you can search specifically for all properties in Denmark.

User price from DKK 1,000/month.
(DKK 1.415,- incl. transaction data)

Access to all properties in Denmark - And make "Reverse BBR search"

Search property data on over 2 million properties in an innovative and fast way with Estate Explorer

Registration data | Encumbrances | Servitudes

View registration data on over 2 million properties

Intelligent data visualization on maps

Build your own overview by turning on/off more than xxx map layers from public databases.

Upload your own data to the map

Example: Upload your property portfolios and see it visualized on maps while integrating with market data and public databases.

Access to extensive market data

Sign up for a version of Estate Explorer with access to transaction data and market data, you get access to the largest range of data on the market. The data is collected by Newsec and Newsec's trusted partners.

Graphical view of ownership structure in CVR

Graphical view of ownership structure (KYC)

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Fill out the form and sign up for Estate Explorer.

Unlimited access to data on over 2 million properties

Make “Reverse BBR Search”

Visualize your company’s data, portfolios, departments, etc. and share the results internally/externally

Search company structure graphically in the CVR register

about estate explorer

Estate Explorer is created in partnership with Newsec and is continuously developed with features demanded by the market

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Property, Cadastral parcels, BBR, Land registry, Plans, Assessments

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"reverse" BBR search

Search all properties in Denmark in a new and exciting way

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View transactions in a designated area

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market information

Newsec market information on all properties in Denmark

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Graphic CVR search

See ownership structure with a graphical search in CVR

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Idle data

Access information about idle data in a specific area

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danish support

Support is included in the agreement

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account manager

You will be assigned your own permanent Account Manager

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Graphical presentation of the hottest areas based on the most reliable transaction data from Newsec

What companies use Estate Explorer

If you are professionally involved in real estate investment or sales & rentals, Estate Explorer is an indispensable tool

Estate Explorer Reasons

The commercial real estate agent: Property surveys for valuation and sales

Real estate investor: Easily draw your portfolios on a map View internal data on properties and connect it with public data sources

The Lawyer: Browser-based access to property information, transactions and land registry data

The Accountant: Ease the process of doing due diligence or portfolio statements for your clients

The developer: Get help visualizing new buildings that don't exist on existing maps or create advanced BBR lookups.

Highlighted features in Mapit Lookup

Tinglysningsdata og ejendomsdata

Map layers – work visually with dMap layers – work visually with data

Mapit Lookup makes it easy to work with data from a vector map.

Click on the map layers you want and view one or more properties at the same time. For example, it could be be your own portfolio of properties that are now made clickable on a map and can be compared with data from Newsec or public databases. This has previously been a demanding task for specialists in an analytics department.

Property search in a new way

We have loaded all properties in Denmark into our database. Via a unique search engine, you can view exactly the properties you want – or draw a polygon for a specific area.

Estate Explorer
Estate Explorer

Search graphically in the CVR register

With Estate Explorer you can get a visual representation of ownership.

This gives you a great background knowledge.

about Estate Explorer

In close partnership with Newsec, Viamap has created a unique product that connects your own data, public databases and Newsec’s unique transactional database in a simple and user-friendly solution.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, investor, lawyer, accountant or developer, you can benefit significantly from the unique visualization Estate Explorer provides.

Contact us for a non-binding demo.

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