Digital map solutions

Digital map solutions

Viamap delivers customized digital map solutions for websites. Our maps are in an exquisite design and with a high performance – and the maps are based on open Danish data sources, which are always updated.

Viamap’s solutions are also a strong alternative to for example Google Maps because we offer a fixed subscription that is independent of the number of visitors to your website.

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Fixed price and known costs

Do you have more than 2,500 visitors to your website per month? Then, Viamap will probably pay off. If your website has many visitors and many map views or map loads, you risk unexpected expenses because other map solutions use pay-per-click.

With Viamap, you are guaranteed a fixed price, no matter how many visitors you have. We can also handle the major websites: Viamap’s map solutions are the preferred software at several real estate agencies – including, which has more than 2.5 million visits per month.

Digital map solutions

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Map styles and designs

With Viamap, you get custom styles that match your web design and the style you want. We compile your maps based on your users’ data requirements – and then design the maps to match the colors of your website design. Viamap can be supplied with tiles and vector technology, including 3D view, and you get an elegant digital map solution that can easily be implemented and performs optimally on your website.

See our standard tile styles here and our 3D vector maps here

mong others, danbolig and Boligsiden use Viamap with 3D viewing, which gives a better and more attractive impression of the residential area.

Distance calculator and points of interest

Viamap also has a distance calculator, so you can create “Find nearest” solutions with an easy widget. This is a powerful solution, that will show travel time for employees, distance to the nearest daycare center or school or attractions near you.

We can provide distances measured in both meters and in travel time and display the fastest route on maps. We offer search by address or neighborhoods (and place names, e.g. Samsø), or you can just zoom in on the map.

What you get with Viamap’s digital solutions:

  • An attractive and inviting website map that we design for your specific requirements, consisting of pre-developed “building blocks”, e.g. a styled background map in your design colors
  • Easy implementation on your website
  • Danish support
  • Fixed price structure
  • Points of interest and specific data you want displayed
  • Distance or route calculation on foot, by car or bicycle

Your services are provided as a totally customized map solution or as a map API with the best performance and telephone support in Danish and English.


Visualization with Mapit

Do you need another type of map view for e.g. journalism, presentation or teaching? Then read about our Mapit solutions here. You can load an Excel file with addresses and immediately get a visualization on a map of Denmark.