Meet Annette

Nyheder 2

“I’m an A+ person through and through,” Annette begins. “We could easily have had this interview at six o’clock this morning – with the daily shower and the rest over with – no problem”. With a history in factoring and the taxi industry, the concept of service has always been part of Annette’s work DNA, […]

Meet Ambition

demografiske data

At Viamap, we cooperate with a number of skilled partners. One of them is the agency Ambition, which in the MyImage analysis 2020 was voted “best digital agency in creating results”. Ambition is a Danish data-driven digital agency located in Copenhagen NW. Here, more than 50 specialists work to turn their customers’ data into good […]

Viamap – 1st quarter of 2021

Viamaps vækstrejse

The first quarter of 2021 has passed quickly, and at Viamap we are pleased with the development we have gone through in the period. Here are the most significant steps that have set the bar for the rest of 2021. We look forward to the next. 1. Viamap on new pastures The result of our […]

5 sharp questions for the SME boss

jacob gulmann

Although we make digital maps, we do not believe that contact with other people can be digitized. Director Jacob Gulmann has been interviewed about this in Børsen, where you can read both how he starts the day – and how Jacob’s working life has been formed by the founder of Hempel: “Quality and service were […]

Hvor langt er der?

Our maps are more than just maps. A good map shows exactly what you need – without noise. Our solution is a good example of this. Here you can simply search for an address and see the distance from the address to the nearest lake, forest, supermarket or other points of interest. And it […]

Meet our travel time polygon supplier

targomo logo

In Viamap, we collaborate with several reputable data providers. One of them is Targomo GmbH, operating from Postdam in Germany. Targomo delivers travel time polygons via API to several of Viamap’s customers. Travel time polygons are shown on the map below, and are basically a calculation of travel time with any mode of transport, combined […]

We are entering a new industry

Thomas Kryger

We are delightfully busy these days! As told by @Thomas Kryger in RetailNews, we are entering a new industry where we see great opportunities – namely retail. As always, it’s with Google as our competitor – and for retail companies as well, our map solutions contribute to a better customer service experience and help the […]

Team expansion at Viamap


Welcome our new Key Account Manager, @Kasper Bardrum Ryholt. He is looking forward to meeting both new and existing customers, and although Kasper has only just started, he is full of ambitions. “I can’t wait to be part of establishing the sales processes with @Thomas Kryger. Viamap is a great concept with a lot of […]

Viamap Oblique Aerial Photos API

Skråfotos fra Viamap

Oblique aerial photos are photos taken, at an angle, from a plane or drone. With such photos, you get a better and more spacious overview of what a given location looks like, without being on site. Oblique photos are typically used to present buildings. 5 pictures are taken of each building: a top-down image and […]

Meet Richard Miklos

Richard Miklos

Meet Richard Miklos Richard is one of our newer forces, but he is an employee who has already made his mark on a number of development tasks. With his sense of coherence and accuracy and technical qualities, he is a valuable part of the team at Viamap. Richard is a software developer and is educated […]

Find the nearest-feature – now including light rail

At Viamap we continuously expand the use of our popular widget “Find the nearest” that gives the visitor an overview of relevant POIs – an expansion in line with the needs and wishes of our customers and their end users. The latest addition is light rail (Letbaner). In Aarhus, they have gradually become accustomed to […]