Meet our travel time polygon supplier

In Viamap, we collaborate with several reputable data providers. One of them is Targomo GmbH,
operating from Postdam in Germany. Targomo delivers travel time polygons via API to several of
Viamap’s customers.

Travel time polygons are shown on the map below, and are basically a calculation of travel time
with any mode of transport, combined with illustrations of the areas within the specified travel
time. Travel time polygons can be used strategically by showing for instance the next store,
business premises, domicile, real estate investment, and the area that is expected to use these

When we at Viamap appreciate the collaboration with Targomo, it is primarily due to their
professionalism and know-how. In addition, we are always met by kindness and unsurpassed
service. The collaboration with Targomo has existed for a few years, and we look forward to our
continued future collaboration – and preferably an expansion of it.

If you want to know more about travel time polygons, please contact us here: