Meet Annette

“I’m an A+ person through and through,” Annette begins. “We could easily have had this interview at
six o’clock this morning – with the daily shower and the rest over with – no problem”.

With a history in factoring and the taxi industry, the concept of service has always been part of
Annette’s work DNA, and the position in Viamap also follows that track. “It is essential to have
happy and satisfied customers displaying data on maps for their customers in an inviting and userfriendly way – this is where the professional expertise of Viamap comes in.”

By the way, Viamap does not collect data on the people who click on maps, POIs, etc. “This is quite
important to point out”, stresses Annette.

When Viamap is not on her program for the day, Annette’s total Zen moments are to experiment
with cold rise dough or homemade jam: “Danish blackberries – picked or bought – sugar, a little gin
and citrus peel give a wonderful jam – try it!”

Portrait of a VIAMAP employee:
Annette Jensen
Service manager
Phone: +45 50504110