Rune maps truffle spots in Denmark

It sounds almost too good to be true, but it is!

Rune Richtendorff and his dog Asti go hunting for the black gold of the Earth: truffles. And it’s a
great success. With miles travelled on foot and paw, the truffle hunters’ result last year was more
than 300 truffles, which were then enjoyed by family, friends and even Queen Margrethe.

Now Rune uses a Mapit solution to record the very best truffle sites as well as those that are less
profitable. An easy tool that quickly gives him an overview:

  • Record data (geo points or addresses) in excel
  • Drop/get excel data for maps
  • Voila! Rune’s truffle sites, recorded and illustrated on a map


And it’s just one example of how illustration of data helps getting an overall view. If you are
interested in trying Mapit, we offer a free 30 day-period. Contact us for more information.