Meet Ambition

At Viamap, we cooperate with a number of skilled partners. One of them is the agency Ambition,
which in the MyImage analysis 2020 was voted “best digital agency in creating results”.

Ambition is a Danish data-driven digital agency located in Copenhagen NW. Here, more than 50
specialists work to turn their customers’ data into good business.

Ambition also creates results for Viamap’s customers. They do this by combining demographic data
and profiles with the Viamap maps. Using the features enables you to draw a demographic report
on an optional geographic area in real time.

The report provides important input on, for instance, household income, age distributions, car
availability, children and housing types within an optional radius around a desired point on the
Viamap map.

Can you create value for your business by combining map and demographic data? Contact us for a demo or a talk about it. Mail INFO@VIAMAP.NET – Phone +45 70606054.