Mapit map layer list

New Mapit layer list

In addition to beach protection lines, protected forest and registered road areas are new fixed layers that can be chosen to be shown on maps with Mapit:

Property Information:

  • Owner and usage
  • Heating methode


Borders, sea and land:

  • National borders on land
  • 12 nautical miles
  • 24 nautical miles
  • EEZ borders
  • National maritime borders


Soil contamination:

  • V1
  • V2 – expanded


Local plans

  • Local plans proposed
  • Local plans adopted



  • Cadastral map
  • Boundries
  • Registered road area



  • Beach protection lines
  • Forest protections lines
  • Church protection lines
  • Forest reserve
  • Country/Town/Holiday-home zones
  • Traffic counts



  • Police districts
  • Constituencies


Organisational units

  • Municipalities
  • Parishes
  • Regions
  • Postal codes
  • Countries

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