New Mapit feature: soil contamination


Mapping of soil contamination on properties is carried out by Regionerne i Danmark (Regions of
Denmark) and is recorded in DKJord. 2 levels of information (V1 and V2) are recorded:

  • V1: When there is actual information that there has been an industry or activity on the property
    that could cause it to be contaminated.
  • V2: A property is mapped at information level 2 when there is information or evidence that there is a contamination on the property which may pose an environmental or health risk.


In Mapit we have added V1 and a expanded version of V2, containing the 3 categories F0, F1 and

  • F0: No health risk in using the housing and garden
  • F1: No health risk in using the housing and garden when you follow simple advice
  • F2: Health risk in using the house and garden. To be investigated further.


The data layers are a licensed part of Mapit. If you are interested in having the data layers added
to your Mapit license, please contact us on +45 2424 8547 or send an email to

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