Meet Richard

Meet our latest and youngest colleague. Richard has been with Viamap for six months and is a
software developer from DTU with a primary focus on back-end development. @Richard Emil Miklos
is 25 years old and has already left his mark on our small set-up – and not just on the average age.

With his sharp eye and technical ingenuity Richard has quickly become an important part of
Viamap, creating the maps behind. And we’re really happy about that :-).

“I have been given a lot of responsibility for both the product as well as the contact with the
customers. The responsibility has been given step by step, and I’ve been there all along. It’s great to
work with people who are skilled and experienced and have tried the growth journey before – and
where I can still contribute something new,” says Richard Emil Miklos.

Portrait of a VIAMAP employee:
Richard Emil Miklos
Software Developer
Phone: +45 61439000

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