Distance calculator

Distance calculator

Find distance to the nearest point of interest

With Viamap’s distance calculator, you can calculate and visualize distances on maps, e.g. the distance between your company and various points of interest (schools, public transport, motorways, etc.). Viamap is a professional software company specializing in digital map solutions, distance calculations and visualizations on maps.

The “Find nearest” solution is especially relevant if you need to show distances, routes and travel time from a certain position – e.g. the location of property – to specific, nearby points of interest.

If you have lists of your points of interest, you can drag them directly to your map and into your database. All points of interest are constantly updated, so you always get the newest available data.


Viamap’s distance calculator gives you tools to:

  • Show the location of the nearest school, motorway, supermarket, forest etc.
  • Calculate the most efficient route to the point of interest.
  • Show the distance measured in meters or expected travel time.

Digital map solutions

Do you also know Viamap’s digital map solutions that comes with elegant styles and high performance for your website?

How far is there?

With our “Find nearest” web demo – hvorlangterder.dk – you can try how easy it is to calculate the distance from your company or your home to the nearest school, supermarket, train station etc. – and it will be shown on a map.

How to do it:

  • Go to hvorlangterder.dk
  • Enter your address
  • Click on distances and see the route, route distance and expected travel time on the map

You can see how Viamap’s distance functionalities are used professionally on the websites for danbolig, home Erhverv and Ejendomstorvet.

hvor langt er der demo

Contact us, if you want to hear more about your options with our distance calculators.

How to calculate the distance

All our distance calculations are up-to-date, reliable and based on official data for the road network and itinerary. The distances are calculated for cars, bicycles, walking and public transport, so we can always deliver a full overview of distances and travel time.

Distance on foot

Shows routes and distances on foot on sidewalks, paths, pedestrian streets, etc.

Distance by bike

View distance, route and travel time on paths and roads intended for cyclists.

Distance by car

Shows routes and distances by car on all roads, also smaller dirt roads and one-way roads.

Distance by public transport

Calculates the travel time by public transport, including train, bus, and metro – according to the itinerary.