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Viamap supplies smart digital map solutions to a number of companies and organizations, covering multiple industries. Below you find examples of how a selection of our customers are using Viamap:

propstep kort


Propstep is a web portal, providing the users with a national overview of new construction and project housing. The web portal has changed from using Google Maps to using the Danish Viamap solution. On the PROPSTEP map the users can find the locations of every new construction and click on each site to find additional information about the specific housing.

Danbolig kortløsning


DANBOLIG is a Danish real estate chain, founded in 1989. The chain consists of approx. 150 independent and local stores. For the DANBOLIG website an advanced Viamap solution has been chosen, tailored to the website and the DANBOLIG design and featuring, among other things, background maps, API, POIs and street views.

Jobindex kortløsning


With 850,000 monthly users JOBINDEX is the largest job search portal in Denmark. The location of a job applicant’s next workplace is of immense importance. JOBINDEX knows that and chooses to show the locations on a background map from Viamap – for the benefit of the job applicants.

EDC kortløsning

EDC Gruppen

EDC Gruppen A/S was founded in 1971 and is the largest real estate chain in Denmark. With more than 5,000,000 monthly website visits, EDC GRUPPEN has chosen a customized Viamap solution including background maps, distance API, POIs and cadastral plan as well as cadastral numbers.



REALMÆGLERNE is a nation-wide chain of independent real estate dealers, comprising of more than 100 stores. The website of REALMÆGLERNE features a Viamap solution with background maps and distance API, giving the users a fast and clear view of the location of the favourite house.

TDC kortløsning

TDC 118 is a website published by the TDC Group. On TDC 118 you find addresses and phone numbers of private persons, companies and public institutions combined with maps and directions.
The website was launched in 2010 and has 30 million visitors yearly. TDC 118 uses Viamap background maps on the search section of the website.

Viamap Case


FERIEPARTNER offers more than 7,000 holiday cottages and apartments for rent all over Denmark and part of Sweden – aimed at mainly Danish, German and Swedish holidaymakers. FERIEPARTNER has chosen a Viamap solution showing the exact location of each holiday home, so precise that you are able to see the house number when zooming in on the map. The Viamap solutions can be viewed on, and

Many companies and organizations have discovered Viamap solutions to be strong alternatives to known digital map suppliers.


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