About Viamap

Customized digital map solutions

Viamap is a specialized software company that delivers customized and cost-competitive digital map solutions and high-performance geo services. Our maps are designed so they become a natural part of your website. Viamap is a market leader in digital maps for, among other industries, the real estate industry and the housing market.

Viamap is a powerful alternative to Google Maps, HERE, and Krak’s map solutions. We offer an attractive and fixed price structure with an unlimited number of map views and map loads.

If you need to visualize your data with our Mapit solution, you can drag data from Excel sheets over a map. We also offer distance calculations, which are particularly relevant to the real estate industry and other businesses that want to show and calculate distances.

We deliver your services as a total customized map solution or as a map API – always with the best performance, and with telephone support (English and Danish).

Viamap was founded in 2016 by Thomas Kristian Kristensen and Daniel Haaland Fairchild, both of whom have many years of experience using especially Danish, but also international map services and geodata.

We are part of Mølbak Chartered Surveyors. Our office is located in Roskilde.


Contact us, to learn more about how our map solutions can create value for your website.