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Mapping solutions

We offer digital stylish high-performance mapping solutions. Our provided maps can be adapted to match your webdesign and the style of your choice.

Find nearest

Our "Find nearest" solution enables you to show distances and routes to nearest POIs (points of interest). These can be distances to nearest supermarkets, schools, public transport, highway and many more.

Excel data on map

Our product - Mapit enables you to visualise your spreadsheet data on the map. File with included addresees and other data can be just Dragged&Dropped on a map and Voila! you have a map with all your customers on it.

Customer service

We always help to implement and guide on how our products can be used best in your favor. So, when we say that your solution will be working 100% in 24 hours - we mean it.

Professional solutions in best terms

We love everything connected with maps and geodata. Therefore we do not limit our clients with unreasonable limits like map views or how many routes or distances can be retrieved. All our solutions are free of limits, so you can let your imagination run wild.

We combine data from multiple source like OSM, SDFE, Danish Geodata Agency and so on. So, we always have the best dataset. Our mapping solutions for example include data like addresses, road network, cadastre and buildings. We update these layers daily and provide them to clients to show in web maps. Our ortophoto (aerial photography) layers are always the newest ones, updated by SDFE each year.

Our maps are highly customizable and can match your brand colors or design of website. Make our map a natural part of your website and branding.

Our mapping solutions are ad-free and do not include promotional  POIs (points of interest). This is how we ensure full focus on Your data and thus avoid showing ads and places of Your competitors.


Here are some of our clients who successfully use our web mapping, distance calculation and routing solutions already.

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Ring us or write an e-mail, so we can share more exciting details about out provided solutions. We are always ready to invite you to our office or visit you for a non-commiting discussion over a cup coffee.

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